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I’m missing my Moma so much today.  She passed on to glory December 31, 2012, and I was there with her, had to be the one to follow her last wishes, and tell the ICU team not to “resurrect” her with the defibulator – I was so NOT ready.

Today I miss my Moma so much, I remember her last words, several of her last instructions about a certain friend (after her prayers over the situation)…  I miss my Moma, her love, her wisdom, her heart for us all, our daily conversations, her opinions (no matter whether we agreed or not); her prayers and her insights, her oneriness, her laughter, and how she made every place they moved feel “like home.” 

Daddy said to me recently, “You are your mother’s daughter.”  I had no idea where this conversation was going… but we had been talking about Christ… (he’s not always open to that subject – it was a rare moment indeed).  How so Daddy?  You never, ever quit.

Nope Dad – I won’t.  I will never quit loving you, never quit praying, never quit.  Never.   Until we all make it into His Heaven…into His kingdom, never.  I believe, with Moma, that we would have none lost, not one.  Not even the current prodigals.

I love you Moma.  And today, I so wish you were here – instead of there…I could really use the sound of your voice, your comfort, and a really good hug with a glass of your iced tea.  I love you Moma… I know we’ll see each other again – but eternity, today, seems so far away.

Hugs, Your #1 Daughter


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Been doing a LOT of reading about Ruth lately, her sacrifice and selflessness is amazing.  If you have insights you’d like to share…join in please.  (also been reading more about Deborah and Esther as well).


God, Help Us Stop Living With Regret

God, Help Us Stop Living With Regret.

An Extravagant Gift of . . . Potatoes

from the True Woman network ~ link here. – written and posted by Paula Hendricks on 8-19-11.

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Posted on 08.19.11 by Paula Hendricks

I will never forget what I witnessed and participated in last  week. Every year at our staff revival week, leadership chooses a project for us  to raise money for. This year, they decided to collect funds to meet the needs  of those in our ministry. The needs were numerous . . . someone needed a  $10,000 medical device; others didn’t even have enough money for groceries;  several would have to leave the ministry if they weren’t able to raise more  monthly support, etc.

You’ve probably read that verse in Acts 2:45 that says, “And they were selling  their possessions and belongings and distributing the proceeds to all, as any  had need.” But have you seen it in action? I have!

Last week, the Life Action family—most of whom raise financial support—gave $133,000  in cash to meet each other’s needs . . . and that does not include the material items given that could double  that amount, including motorcycles, cars, and homes. Here are just a few specific  “giving” stories from the week:

  • One family gave the major portion of savings  they had set aside to someday own their own home and have a real vacation. They  gave over $19,000.
  • Another couple (with young children) was led to  try to sell their home in hopes they can find an elderly  couple or widow with whom they could help take care of, live with, and bless.
  • One single woman gave $10,000. She had been saving the money to bless her future husband, but was excited  about learning to trust and depend on Jesus for her needs more fully.
  • Another single woman was led to go to the home  of a family to offer child care and provide the money  necessary for the couple to have a cup of coffee together every week . . .  something the wife had just finished praying for!

But the most impactful gift, in my opinion? A wife and mom  of a large family with little income stood apologetically before us, offering  her all—a garden harvest of treasured potatoes—the  crop her family usually enjoyed and depended on all winter long.

Maybe to you this all sounds strange, crazy . . . wasteful. Why would anyone  give their savings and possessions—especially during such uncertain economic  times—leaving themselves with almost nothing?

I think it has a whole lot to do with this:

For you know the grace of our Lord Jesus Christ,  that though he was rich, yet for your sake he became poor, so that you by his  poverty might become rich” (2 Cor. 8:9).

In light of the offering that was collected, our executive director, Byron  Paulus, encouraged us to prepare for the greatest ministry season ever:

“What if there is a direct connection between what  we give materially and what the Lord gives in return by way of true riches . .  . of His mercy, grace, and love? Luke  16:11 makes it clear that if we are faithful with money, He will entrust to  us true riches. If this is what Scripture teaches (and it is), then we had  better . . . get ready for the greatest ministry season ever!”

(Bring it on, Lord!)

PS: Giving money isn’t the only way to give . . . the  Sullivan family (on staff with Life Action) adopted Andrei from a Russian  orphanage years ago. Last month, The New York  Yankees reunited Andrei with a boyhood friend from Baby House 10. Their  story will bring tears to your eyes!


Love this post – link follows… “No, not broken. It just isn’t time yet…” and I read her article, wonderful article… and then thought – okay, well I AM broken ~ but healing.   ***gentle smile***  And yet – it IS still about timing – whether the Lord is doing repair work, or He has other plans all together, or work to do in between.  Thanks “Love In Waiting” for your heart, and this article’s truth.


Hugs to My Friend

I saw you cry tonight.

Just had to hug you close.

Hope that didn’t embarrass you, really (sorry!)

I wanted to wipe away your tears, and tell you it WILL be alright.

But I’m not God.

What I DO know is His comfort.

That HE holds us in the storms.

In fact, HE HOLDS US UP.

Praying for you tonight.

That you know His comfort too.