Cover of "At His Feet"

Cover of At His Feet

We live in small town in central Oklahoma.  I am now a single mom raising a teen son, in a close-knit community of ranchers, farmers, local business owners. teachers and pastor friends.  We’ve been here 10 years in this tight community and have met some of the most amazing people.  This teen son is the youngest of my three children (his older siblings are Amy married to Gabe, and Lee married to Claire).  He’s the last one home.  Still trying to decide how I think about that!

Love Christ, sometimes I love His body :-P, enjoy attending church if Holy Spirit led community loving is going on and His Presence is there, love pastoring and teaching the Word, and praying – as well as reaching out to young people.

Get my rest, restoration, and peace living a very simple life, in and around the local countryside.  Enjoy teaching, youth, missions, cooking for friends, being a homebody, writing, reading, studying, learning, sunrises and sunsets… “doctored” coffees, sweet iced tea, hugging, in my passion for Christ and more accurately His for me – amazes me still.  Love His people, and adventure. 

Absolutely LOVE those two grown and married adult children and six grandchildren that live out of state.  We were prior military, am now divorced.  Not much liking this “family divide” – but single parent economics play a big part in not living where everyone else now resides.  And I DO love it here.  Love to worship LONNNNNNG, with the soaking & intimate kind of music.  Check out one of my favs @ www.elijahlist.com – prophetic worship.  Amazing stuff.  Love to pray… just to be Mary at His feet… with a Deborah heart in prayer, leadership and battle. 

I have a “bucket list.”  Learning to blog is one… :-) (check)  Love my dog (girl), cat (boy), love horses (don’t have those) and baby calves (don’t have those either)…farming life, gardening, flowers, and am a wanna be country girl – with no previous experience!  Love international travel…photography (learning)… and following Him who loves us best to live daily in God’s tender mercies and gracious restoration over our lives… all about grace and the heart of our Father, and the tender mercies of the rescue of His Son.

Enjoy simple, slow living; drop dead gorgeous nights out or blue jeans & tennis shoes @ home; sunrises and sunsets, and my fancy morning coffee or hot teas, watching the fog roll in or sitting outside under the porch when it rains. 

Am passionate about learning, and loved homeschooling ~ think I want to continue, just for me ~ want to learn to quilt, still travel internationally, and help children, orphans, and at risk teens. 




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