My Mom

I’m missing my Moma so much today.  She passed on to glory December 31, 2012, and I was there with her, had to be the one to follow her last wishes, and tell the ICU team not to “resurrect” her with the defibulator – I was so NOT ready.

Today I miss my Moma so much, I remember her last words, several of her last instructions about a certain friend (after her prayers over the situation)…  I miss my Moma, her love, her wisdom, her heart for us all, our daily conversations, her opinions (no matter whether we agreed or not); her prayers and her insights, her oneriness, her laughter, and how she made every place they moved feel “like home.” 

Daddy said to me recently, “You are your mother’s daughter.”  I had no idea where this conversation was going… but we had been talking about Christ… (he’s not always open to that subject – it was a rare moment indeed).  How so Daddy?  You never, ever quit.

Nope Dad – I won’t.  I will never quit loving you, never quit praying, never quit.  Never.   Until we all make it into His Heaven…into His kingdom, never.  I believe, with Moma, that we would have none lost, not one.  Not even the current prodigals.

I love you Moma.  And today, I so wish you were here – instead of there…I could really use the sound of your voice, your comfort, and a really good hug with a glass of your iced tea.  I love you Moma… I know we’ll see each other again – but eternity, today, seems so far away.

Hugs, Your #1 Daughter